It‘s not Sheila’s Process – It’s yours.

I see most problems as a fine chain that’s become knotted. I try to pull apart the tangles to create some space. Then you can tease one link out. As a listener, you can hear where the tangles are—the anger, the hurt, the sensitivity. Too much energy attached to a perception, which suggests something’s off. That’s my way of working – it’s very organic. It’s informed by my belief that the individual is so important – that transcends everything else.”

The Process To Move Forward

Many therapists follow a predetermined methodology, based on a particular philosophy and orientation. Sheila’s process flows out of how she reads a new client. “I start with what’s going on in the present – where’s the person stuck? And out of that come ties to the past, and the future. The whole point is – can I help move that person forward?

Tangible Progress

Sheila believes every session should produce tangible progress. “I follow the energy. There has to be movement. You pay me at the end of the hour – something should have happened. It has to be more than just giving someone the space to air their issues. What’s coming out? What are we going to do with that? How’s it going to move? I’m looking for the beginning of a change that will carry on beyond the session – a sense of ‘This is who you are.’ ‘This is what you’re about.’ ‘This is possible.’ ‘This isn’t a bad thing.’

Sheila’s Style Guide

What’s Sheila’s style, guiding a session? “Highly interactive. I throw a lot of different ideas onto the table – I’m not invested in them, but they trigger a reaction. When people are in their own thicket of distress, they often have no idea what’s coming to bear on them. When I see that happening, I can steer someone to a different place.”


Sheila’s practice is based on recognizing and championing individuality and shaping a course of therapy that helps clients achieve what she calls an “expanded life” built on change and growth.

I want to make sure we accomplish something in the hour that’s addressing the real issue.